Your Kochi Commercial Bakery Service

Many executive chefs and restaurant owners find providing a great tasting profitable dessert menu a difficult proposition – for a variety of reasons. Finding a talented and dependable pastry chef can be tough. Or maybe, your staff has a tough time preparing desserts in a consistent fashion. Perhaps desserts just aren’t your passion and you don’t have the time or wherewithal to get desserts done. Whatever the challenge is, we believe a restaurant should always have a menu that includes beautiful, great tasting, AND profitable desserts. Our Kochi commercial bakery service can help you simplify reign in uncertain food and labor costs that make selling great desserts a challenge.

 First and foremost, you will receive your orders for ready-to-plate desserts on a schedule that assures your guests will always have a fresh, delicious and beautiful dessert. Typically, we can  deliver 2-3 times, Monday through Saturday.Delivery is free and can be adjusted seasonally to handle the increased volume during the holidays or special occasions. Many of our desserts can be delivered and kept frozen, increasing your flexibility in handling your volume and minimizing waste.

Dessert menu development is a service we offer if you would like to create an offering that isn’t the same as your competition. Our staff is able to help you match our recipes and products with your lunch and dinner menus. Pairing the style and taste of desserts to your concept is just as important as the time you put into planning your wine list. Discriminating palates will enjoy the scratch-made quality of our products. With the prevalence of gluten-free diets, flourless desserts items are no problem as we currently have a variety of great-tasting desserts available that not only look great, but taste wonderful as well! Perhaps you have one or more proprietary recipes that are hard to produce signature desserts – we can help! We are happy to take your recipes and create your signature desserts only for you, which mean we won’t even sell them in our shop.

. Our commercial bakery pricing is competitive for the quality of desserts we provide. We are not a dessert ‘wholesaler’, but rather a full-service bakery that services other food service clients and our pricing reflects this mentality. Our prices are lower than our retail prices, but because we hand-make all of our products and include delivery, they are not what you will see from major food wholesalers. Current customers include independent restaurants and cafes. Give a call or drop us an email and let’s see what we can do for you!